SOAS 2 WORKSPACE GROUP is a fortnightly study group organized by affiliates of TColl and BANDUNG2, a global movement of individuals committed to replacing all man-made forms of supremacy with a system of justice based on The Qur’an.

The aims of the SOAS 2 (de-SOAS2 - NewSchool of Occidental and Aryan Studies) workspace sessions are:

– To understand what racism (white supremacy) is and how it works
– To explore the relationship between racism (white supremacy) and other systems of domination
– To develop strategies for decolonizing thought, speech and/or action

SOAS 2 is coordinated / facilitated by Dr Syed Mustafa Ali, a BANDUNG2 research-activist and academic conducting research at the intersection of critical race theory / decolonial studies and ICT (information and communications technology). More on Dr Syed Mustafa Ali’s work can be found on his blog BANDUNG2.