Reel Off Film Nights

Reel OffReading Film. Thinking Film. Engaging Film.

“Changing how we see images is clearly one way to change the world.”

bell hooks, Reel to Real: Race, Sex, and Class at the Movies

REEL OFF FILM NIGHTS, is a fortnightly film night during which we will focus on film as a medium to challenge our perceptions and inspire us to actively pursue social change.
The aims of our film events are:

  • To further enhance knowledge of particular subjects
  • To improve critical ways of thinking about film as education and catalyst for action
  • Meeting like minded people in an informal atmosphere
  • To improve our media literacy

Our film nights are designed to be shaped by you and we invite you all to select and present a film. These can be films and documentaries that include, but are not limited to issues such as:

  • Identity, culture and representation
  • (Post)Colonialism Inequality
  • Social movements
  • Imperialism
  • Political systems
  • Social justice
  • Popular aesthetics