Discussion of Aimé Césaire’s “Discourse on Colonialism” (Part 1)

Transdisciplinary Collective
Transdisciplinary Collective
Discussion of Aimé Césaire's "Discourse on Colonialism" (Part 1)

Discussion of “Discourse on Colonialism”  a text written by Aimé Césaire and published in 1955.


Download the full text here:

Discourse on Colonialism – Aime Cesaire


Quotes discussed in the podcast:

What am I driving at? At this idea: that no one colonizes innocently, that no one colonizes with impunity either; that a nation which colonizes, that a civilization which justifies colonization and therefore force -is already a sick civilization, a civilization which is morally diseased, which irresistibly, progressing from one consequence to another, one denial to another, calls for its Hitler, I mean its punishment (p.39).


[…] the decisive actors here are the adventurer and the pirate, the wholesale grocer and the ship owner, the gold digger and the merchant, appetite and force, and behind them, the baleful projected shadow of a form of civilization which, at a certain point in its history, finds itself obliged, for internal reasons, to extend to a world scale the competition of its antagonistic economies (p.33).


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